Rules & Registration



To take part in the Olympiad, each team participant must register. Each team MUST consists of 2-3 members. If you struggle to find a teammate, please join IDAO telegram chat ( and find your future ML friends over there.

The Olympiad is held in two rounds: online qualification round hosted on the Yandex.Contest Platform, and the on-site finals (due to the pandemic the Final will be online too). The solution of the task of the first round must be submitted by the team to the contest system no later than 23.59 Moscow time on March 31, 2021.

How we will define teams that will go to the final?

The rule is rather simple this year. The following two-step procedure will be used to select finalists.

Firstly, 15 teams with the highest score in the second track go to final (no matter what is their score in the first track).

Secondly, we consider all remaining teams and select 15 teams with the highest score in the first track (no matter what is their score in the second track). These teams also go to the final.

Only the last successful submission is used to compute public and private leaderboard scores. You should make sure, that at the end of competition the last successful submission is actually your very best attempt!

Thus, in order to qualify for the final a team may choose one of the two strategies:

  1. to obtain the highest score in the second track where the code is needed, or 
  2. to obtain the highest score in the first track.

Each of 30 teams that will be selected as finalists will receive a letter describing further steps. First of all, we will ask the source code of your solution (for both tracks) which will be reviewed and validated. The solution must reproduce your submission exactly. Our jury members will check that your solution contains no cheating, and your team does not attempt to unfairly pass the rules. Based on the results of the online round, a table with points scored by teams will be published on the IDAO site by April 1, 2021, highlighting the list of finalists.

Only participants who have reached the age of 18 before the start of the on-site finals can participate.

At the finals, participants will need to use their own computer. Use of any legal software is allowed.

Three prizes will be awarded in the final round: one for the winning team, and two runners up.

Employees of companies that provide tasks for IDAO 2021 and affiliated students can only participate hors concours. In 2021 these organizations are the Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis (LAMBDA, HSE University) and Otkritie bank.

First three teams according to the Final Stage of IDAO 2020 are automatically invited directly to the Final stage of IDAO 2021, which releases them from passing through the Online Stage 2021. Therefore, the final number of the team at the final is 30 are qualified through the First stage and 3 prize holders of IDAO 2020.

Please find the officially approved provision and regulations are provided here:

Provisions and regulations (English version)

Provisions and regulations (Russian version)


30 best teams of the Online Stage will be invited to take part in the Final Stage of competition.

All participants have the chance to showcase their skills to the data science community on an international scale - the results will be internships, networking with some of the most passionate and like-minded individuals, and job opportunities. Winning also will be a serious advantage for students applying to the master’s degree programs at the HSE Faculty of Computer Science.

For winners, valuable prizes will be awarded. The winners will be determined by the leaderboard ranking based on private test set.

In 2021 prize pool is as follows:

🥇 First place - 400,000 RUR*

🥈Second place - 250,000 RUR*

🥉 Third place - 150,000 RUR*

*the sums are indicated before taxation.