What is IDAO anyway?

International Data Analysis Olympiad is a contest organized by HSE University and Yandex for the 5th time. The event is open to all teams and individuals, be they undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD students, company employees, researchers or new data scientists.

The event aims to bridge the gap between the all-increasing complexity of Machine Learning models and performance bottlenecks of the industry. The participants will strive not only to maximize the quality of their predictions but also to devise resource-efficient algorithms.

This will be a team machine learning competition, divided into two stages. The first stage will be online, open to all participants. The second stage will be the Online finals, in which the top 30 teams from the First Round will compete.


Our experts

Dmitry Vetrov
Chairman of the Expert Commission,
Research Professor at HSE University,
Head of the Deep Learning
and Bayesian Methods Centre

Andrey Ustyuzhanin
Head of Methods for Big Data
Analysis Lab at HSE University

Evgeny Sokolov
Deputy Head of the Big Data
and Information Retrieval School,
HSE University

Aleksandr Pyatigorskiy
Vice-President, Director of
the Digital Department at Otkritie Bank

Nikita Kazeev
Junior Research Fellow, Methods for Big Data
Analysis Lab at HSE University

Davide Pinci
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare -
INFN Sezione di Roma

Oleg Melnikov
Sr. Director of Data Science, ShareThis Inc.; Adjunct Lecturer at Stanford University and UC Berkeley

Ilya Ivanitskiy
Team Lead at Avito, IDAO 2019 winner


The on-site finals, in which the top 30 performing teams from the online round will compete, is normally held in Moscow, Yandex office.  In 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 the Final was organized online.

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Our team

Tamara Voznesenskaya
Committee Chair
Phone: +7 495 772 95 90 ext. 27348
Email: tvoznesenskaya@hse.ru

Sergey Karapetyan
Main Coordinator
Phone: +7 495 772 95 90 ext. 27344
Email: skarapetyan@hse.ru

Irina Plisetskaya
Partnership Coordinator
Phone: +7 495 772 95 90 ext. 27350
Email: igergart@hse.ru